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New Year 2017: French Online Bridge Club ‚Äď CanalBridge

This just came into our in-box today!  CanalBridge est un club de Bridge virtuel francophone gratuit qui permet à ses membres de jouer au Bridge entre eux de chez eux ou d’ailleurs sur Internet.

Winter 2016: PianolaSmart tools for bridge clubs and players. Pianola makes running a bridge club a cinch for managers, and gives players in-depth analysis of results. Pianola offers: Player database, Personal results history, Membership renewals, Competitions, Easy Mailing, Partner-finding service, Easy to use software, smart groups for target emailing, Website Builder, Knowledge Base and support. Free website migration. Pianolaplus+ is also available which provides In-depth bidding accuracy and card play analysis for Pianola users.

Fall/Winter 2016: Bridge Teachers for Youth dot org. A resource for teachers using bridge in the classroom. Newsletters, articles and teacher links.

Fall/Winter 2016 : Contract Bridge Lessons  A complete bridge course from Michael Furstner with 13 lessons for beginners and another 10+ covering intermediate and advanced. Lots of excellent material here!

Fall/Winter 2016: Mobile Casino Man although we don’t normally share this kind of link in our main content, Alan Young is starting out much like I did with Great Bridge Links 20 years ago. He’s put together a page of links and casino reviews. He writes all the reviews himself and as you can tell by the name, many of the articles review mobile casinos. This is a great resource for anyone who likes to play cards on the go. This is a free listing – GBL likes to support small enterprise.

Fall/Winter 2016: The Card Caddy! The ONLY playing card case which converts to a discard tray so you can play any game of cards anywhere, anytime.

Summer 2016: is our website maintained for 16 years. It is non profit web site without any advertisements, financial support. It covers important bridge tourneys of the world +Bridge columns, articles from many experts, etc

Summer 2016: Info Bridge – Bridge for all the world. Based in Italy, this site promises Biographies, history, convention, deals, quiz and more.

Summer 2016: Thinking of a Bridge Cruise? Friends of Bridge Cruises –¬†Bridge is our game, but fun is our passion!

Summer 2016: Bridge in the Box – this interesting UK shop has some beautiful boxed cards, bone china dish, and other tasteful card lover’s accessories. A worthy visit!

Summer 2016: Congratulations to Mike Lawrence on the launch of his new website designed by Goodwin Studios. The site features all of Mike’s books and software and will feature his excellent articles over the next few months.

Summer 2016: Best E-Bridge – Learn and practice Bridge online, suitable for all levels. Over 100 impressive, illustrated visual bridge lessons are waiting for you, guided by an international bridge master Moti Gelbard – one of the best worldwide leading bridge teachers and author of many bridge books.

Summer 2016 : was created in July 2001. Offers  educational information, bridge columns, Eddie Kantar, VuGraphs, important world bridge tournaments including the WBF, NABC, European, and Australia.

Spring 2016: – new bridge gifts website in Canada.

Spring 2016: Leonardo Bridge is a Facebook application, which allows bridge players with a Facebook profile to play for free, online bridge. Easy-to-use, straight forward interface, nice graphics and the advantage of playing with real people. In Leonardo Bridge you can schedule to play bridge with your friends at your convenience, or jump-in to an available seat, in existing tables. You can find new friends that share the same interest with you. Furthermore, you can socialize and have fun online through chat, while playing.  Leonardo Bridge was launched in March 2015.

Spring 2016: The ACBL has a great blog called Tricks of the Trade which provides clubs, units, and tournaments with marketing tools and news. Did you know that twenty-five percent of ACBL members have fewer than 25 masterpoints and half have less than 200 masterpoints? This is the kind of information you can find on Tricks of the Trade. There’s also a FORUM where you can find out what has worked for others – collaboration is the easy way!

Winter 2016: Trumps on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Play duplicate bridge on Mondays and Thursdays starting at 3.00 at Trumps in Nerja on the southern coast of Spain.

Winter 2016: Electronic Bridge Accessories – We have an excellent range of products that can make the running of your bridge club a breeze. Serving players and clubs in Australia and Asia

Winter 2015 : Bridge God – more than 300 interactive problems, dozens of articles a couple of interactive high level virtual tournaments and I keep adding stuff. All for free.

Fall 2015 : Beginner Bridge . NET – produced by Ottawa Canada’s Michael Abbey

Fall 2015 : Neapolitan Club – Online Bridge Magazine – Double First! Click Here >

Fall 2015 : Ultimate Bridge is now available for Android Click Here >

Fall 2015: Cats At Cards.Welcome to Cats at Cards, with rules for dozens of exciting and fun card games for players of all skill levels.The direct link to our Bridge page click here

Fall 2015: Best E Bridge. Website dedicated to learning and practicing bridge for all levels. The user can watch over 100 impressive, illustrated visual bridge lessons , practice thousands of bidding, hand play and defense exercises, by using the guided option or by playing freely against a smart robot.¬† A personal traffic light chaperon will accompany the user throughout, giving immediate notice of a false move with the opportunity to revise the strategy. Each exercise is accompanied by clear and simple written explanations – it’s really the easiest way to learn and practice simultaneously and there is no other site like this¬† one. Kate Hudson

Fall 2015: Phillip Alder Bridge for Everyone -Popular bridge writer Phillip Alder has a nice new website which features weekly articles, challenges (Subscription based) and a blog. Click here >

Summer 2015: ACBL Resource Center. Supporting your efforts to grow the game we love. On the ACBL Resource Centre, everything is FREE including shipping.  Visit the Resource Center Click here >

Summer 2015: New Facebook Links. Facebook is the modern word-of-mouth with many organizations and individuals choosing to use their facebook page as a way to promote their news.

Asociación del Bridge Argentino : Facebook

Confederación Sudamericana de Bridge Рlots of articles and news here : Facebook

Ron Schwartz and Lotan Fisher aren’t cheaters : Facebook

Summer 2015 : Bridge Boye Brogeland discusses alleged cheating by Israeli players Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz.

Summer 2015: The Advocate – District 8 Newsletter – Bimonthly newsletter with Solvers Forum bidding quiz and analysis

Summer 2015: KWBridge – Learning resources, features, book reviews, links to Bulletin articles

Summer 2015: Bridge in Spain – for players in Ibiza (Spain). We are an amateur group, willing to host players who visit the island or live permanently.

Summer 2015:  Bulgarian Bridge Federation Official NBO site with news, upcoming tournaments and results. 

Summer 2015 :¬†Trumps Bridge Centre – Sydney, Australia. Information on Australia’s largest privately-run club, plus holidays, books, newsletter, an outline of a “standard Australian” bidding system, and more. Please update emails to¬†

2014 : Playing Cards Only A selection of classic and modern playing cards for all ages.

2014 : Baker Bridge Bidding Conventions with Practice Deals

January 2014 : International Bridge Laws Forum. If you like to study the laws and discuss the laws. Bridge Base hosts an interesting forum.

Fall & Winter 2013 : Cuebid Bridge Supplies.We are a new comer in the bridge supplies market, but we’ve been around as a site where club owners can have a free website for over 8 years, but we just added an shop and would very much like to promote it. offers affordable bridge supplies including bridge cards, bidding boxes, bridge games and bridge kits for home.

Fall & Winter 2013 : Click Sounvenirs Playing Cards British souvenirs and gifts shop offering Playings Cards and souvenirs from London available for worldwide delivery.

Summer 2013 : Two Over One This site offers an interactive book on the Two over One bidding system. Each of the sixteen playbooks has an informational page, a quiz + eight practice hands. also there are 32 practice hands to test the students knowledge of the basic concepts.

Summer 2013: BRIAN: Duplicate Scoring/Reporting Ap. The idea behind BriAn (which stands for ?Bridge on iPhone and Android?) is that so many of us now have smartphones (iPhones or Android phones), that they could be used as scoring devices, sending information over a wireless internet connection. Perfect for smaller games, clubs, or budget-conscious tournaments. Read all about it here

Spring 2013 : Europe, Hungary Kibic Nonprofit Sport Club¬†¬†Tournament on every Sunday from 15:45, in Kossuth Club (1088 Budapest, M√ļzeum u. 7)

Spring 2013: We are Riviera Bridge Club of Belgium (City of Antwerp) and we organize two major bridge events per year: our International Bridge Championship of Antwerp, each end of April and our Antwerp Café Bridge Drive, each early September.

Winter 2012: Bridge Club in Barcelona. We are Club de Bridge Turó from Barcelona. Here is our link with all the information.

Spring 2012:¬†–¬†Professional, Affordable Bridge Club Websites, Hosting and Maintenance Services. Managing your bridge club, unit or district website has never been easier!

Spring 2012: I have made two more Bridge apps for Android!  Bridge Diary | Bridge Bidding Box

Spring 2012 : Update on Austrian Bridge Club Mödlinger Bridge Sport-Club

Spring 2012 : BBO Skill Check your skill and rating on Bridge Base Online

January 2012: VuBridge – free, internet based Autobridge revival! Review and play hands from championships, authors and teachers can prepare hands, create hands, review hands, also has a vugraph “instant search” facility to retrieve, play and review Championship boards

July 29, 2011 :: CZECH REPUBLIC The Bridge Federation of Czech Republic has a new url

July 2011 :: ToyBridge blog It covers my play experiences with some side tracking into system design and evaluation. I have been updating it roughly every 3 days for about 6 months now and would very much like to be included on your link site. Daniel Skipper

April 2011 : Kibic Nonprofit Sport Association – from Hungary

April 2011 : Hungarian Bridge Federation

February 2011 : Bridge by Kelina. Bridge News and Articles in Russian