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Fall 2021: What’s the latest on Face 2 Face tournament and club play in North America? Here’s a cool new link from Many thanks to Matt Baylow for submitting these ‘great’ bridge links.  F2F ACBL/VACB Tournaments and News here → | F2F ACBL/VACB Club Data Here →

Fall 2021: Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge Museum – home of the Joan Schepps Collection of Trump Indicators

Fall 2021: Bridge Festival – The Red Sea – Nov 11-21, Eilat, Israel.

Fall 2021: Sorry Partner, a weekly podcast about bridge and all things interesting to bridge players, brought to you by bridge partners and friends, Catherine Harris and Jocelyn Startz. They’ll be chatting with international bridge luminaries and up-and-coming stars, and sharing stories from around the world about this game we all love.

Fall 2021: Monthly Invitational Teams. Organized by Christina Lund Madsen ( and Denis Dobrin

Fall 2021: Bridge Whiz –  BridgeWhiz is an exciting, free online program from the ACBL Education Foundation designed for young contract bridge students Grades 4-12, who would like to learn more about the game. Pre-registration here →

Summer 2021:  Intro to Bridge – Are you ready to learn how to play? Presenting Intro to Bridge, a new interactive online course from the American Contract Bridge League.

Summer 2021: Association – Our association was created to support this completely free site which aims to offer everyone the opportunity to train for free to play bridge as much for fun as for promoting the practice of this game we love so much.  – 

Summer 2021: Bridge Club Map. A website created by Jurgen Agten that will show ‘bricks and mortar’ bridge clubs on a map. Because everyone can contribute, Agten hopes it will become a complete list and it will stay up to date. After covid, clubs may change their playing days, so this is the perfect moment to start this project. For all the bridge players that have learned the game online, it will be a great tool to find a local club. Or just find a new club in your area or when you are on vacation.

Summer 2021: – provides the advancing bridge player access to unique content created and delivered by world class bridge players and instructors. Rob Barrington, Gavin Wolpert, Anam Tebha and others instructing.

Summer 2021: – Accessible interface for users with sight loss on Real Bridge.

Spring 2021: Bridge Mindsport Dot Org. BAMSA is an academic, research-led project that explores the social world of bridge and the benefits of mindsport.

Spring 2021: BridgeBegin – The purpose of this web site and the application is to improve beginner bridge players’ skills and teach bridge in an entertaining, and an easy way. Bridge teachers can also use this application in their classes. Deals on the web site and this application are randomly dealt with some limitations.

Spring 2021: Bridge TV – We are a few danish people that have started a Bridge TV youtube channel. Our intention are not educational, but more like a “flow tv” channel.

Spring 2021: Real Bridge Kibitzer – become a kibitzer of Real Bridge and watch tournaments around the world.

Spring 2021: The Beer Card Blog – hands from the BBO Inter-city League by Paul Gibson.

Sparing 2021: The Inter-city League – The InterCity league is a competition for teams on BridgeBase Online, and it was founded by Tonci Radelja. It has been played twice every year since 2003 and each team represents a city, town or village. The competition is played in two stages: a group stage, followed by a knock-out stage.

Spring 2021: E-Shop for Bridge. LeBridgeur, France, offers books, software, cards and supplies.

Winter 2021: Best Bridge Lessons – Learning bridge with Silvana and Rich Morici is easy, fun and effective. No lectures. Play and learn.

Winter 2021: Bridge Guys Online – fans of the old site, which disappeared in 2018, will be happy to learn that  Volkan Denizci is working to rebuild the site with all its original look and feel.  Connect with Volkan here if you’d like to help:

Winter 2021: World Bridge Tour. Fairness. Adaptation. Integrity. Respect. Founded by Thomas Charlsen and Boye Brogeland. World Bridge Tour (WBT) consists of online top level team tournaments organised by OCBL, ALT, E-Open and World Bridge Holding.

Winter 2021: Bridge to the People. Mind training by learning and practicing bridge for seniors all over Poland.